November 13, 2017



caged bird is Devon’s eclectic debut CD, weaving tribal percussion, Middle Eastern melodies and distorted guitars into a textured backdrop for her powerful vocals. Drawing from influences as diverse as Paula Cole and Ani DiFranco to Tool and Bad Religion, the dark intelligence of Devon’s music is a welcome departure from the saccharine songwriting currently saturating the airwaves.


LOS ANGELES–We met for lunch in the heart of Pasadena, California. Devon greeted me with a HUGE hug asking me if I would prefer coffee, or if vegetarian was okay and she was sooo happy to speak with me. Coffee was fine, vegetarian was great, and, after listening to her CD, “Caged Bird,” I was honored to speak with her.


All About The Music

PASADENA–“Female-led Devon blew everyone away with her very powerful voice and electrifying stage presence ….”

Glendale Vocalist Enjoying Her Success

GLENDALE–The adage “looks can be deceiving” applies well to Glendale vocalist Devon. A wisp of a woman, soft spoken Devon sings her way through a selection of moving tunes with unexpected power and conviction.

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“caged bird is a polished production of … raw and blatant lyrical honesty … ferocity and passion … compelling AND disturbing … her performance is brilliant … passion, angst and sincerity abound … cool record.”

Press Release

devon: reinventing a genre

Devon’s music combines the passionate vocals of Paula Cole with the anger and intelligence of Ani DiFranco, interwoven with subtle undercurrents of Tool and A Perfect Circle. Middle Eastern-influenced melodies, tribal percussion, and distorted guitars intertwine to create a textured sound that is just as at home on the Warped Tour as on Lilith Fair.